What happens in Vegas…

WERA Logo…better gets blogged, recorded, properly documented and shared in every intimate detail!!! Today, one of my bestest Twitter girls, @MsXXFastRR is going to Las Vegas to tear it up on her inaugural WERA West race. I wish her the best. I know she can kick ass, I have more faith in her skills than she does. You know how it is: Objects in mirror are smaller than they appear. 😉 She always curses her conservatism on the track and admires the size of my set. Let it be known that when comparing sizes hers are as big as mine (if only she would believe it) and I know she’s going to give the boys a run for it.

M., I am thinking of you, wish you the best. Be smooth. Be fast. Ride hard, and slide in screaming “Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaah, muthafuckas!”. I wish I could be there and be your cheerleader (minus the stupid skirt) and give you a hand in the pits. Maybe throw a wrench or two at innocent passers by. =D

Make sure your makeup is perfect. You’re faster when the eyeliner isn’t smudged. (It’s scientific gurly fact . ;))

4 Comments on “What happens in Vegas…”

  1. That is awesome! Good luck to her! Knock ’em dead!

  2. MsXXFast says:

    You are so awesome girl 🙂 thank you for that post! You’re so right, you know me. I have to believe in myself 🙂 I’m retweeting this. Love you!

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