Wake up and smell the 93-Octane

…at $3.459.

Spring is almost here! Today was one of those days you wait on and dream about all winter long. Sunny and bright, the smell of budding life carried on a mild breeze, temperatures in the low 60s, blue skies, a few fluffy cotton candy clouds.

And if that is not enough to be convinced that we’ve almost made it, the runny nose, the slight congestion, the frequent sneezing fits and an empty Kleenex box, should surely bring it home. A promise of new.

Riding season is but a few weeks away! Wake up and smell the pollen and the sweet scent of Kerosene and chain lube. Ready your machines, fair weather bikers, for the countdown has begun! I’ll see you in a few. I’ve missed you guys. That “one other guy” and I did our best to represent through the Dark Season. I think we did you proud.

The Pirate's Sunny Disposition

Now off with those battery tenders and come out and play!

2 Comments on “Wake up and smell the 93-Octane”

  1. Chessie says:

    I wish I were you this morning. There is frost on the ground when I got up. The day is due to improve, get warmer, but the 60 degree temps won’t arrive until later in the week. I’m going to buy oil and a filter today and perform an oil change. That at least should help me feel better about the upcoming warm weather, projecting my desire for weather conducive to longer rides….
    I do wish you the very best times at the track today…Be well, and be speedy…

    • Miss Busa says:

      Thank you, Chessie. 🙂 I will be doing my own oil change tomorrow, if I can’t squeeze in the 12K service, which I have been putting off for various reasons. But yesterday the Pirate started complaining during initialization about being so neglected by me, and now the word “SERVICE” is plastered over my LCD display and won’t go off anymore, just to remind me what a loser I am. Now, I feel bad.

      My long-overdue getaway at the track isn’t until next weekend. But thank you. 🙂 Maybe I’ll “back it in” for you once, if I can make myself do it, that is. LOL I can’t do stuff like that on purpose, I think I have an inhibitor chip in the brain… some anti-squid device Mr. Slow had installed when I was asleep. 😉 No wheelies, no burnouts, no rear end slides. On purpose. I am fairly good at doing stuff accidentally though. *giggles*

      Hang in there girl, we are almost there. Almost.

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