Dedicated Trackie

Mr. Slow keeps bringing up the subject of getting a dedicated race bike as soon as we pay off some things and free up a little cash flow. Today he was going on about something and my attention didn’t snap to until I heard the words: “… get that 600 you want so you can have a dedicated race bike….”

I looked up and told him that I didn’t want a 600 any more. He gave me a questioning look. “Why?”

I didn’t know that I had actually made a decision until I heard the words coming out of my mouth: “I’m racing the Pirate. I know all the other women that I know of, except one, are racing 600s, and 600s are a blast. But I’m tired of hearing about how this bike is too big for me and how I should have started small. And how I can’t do this or shouldn’t be doing that. I’m going to give them something to take into consideration.”

“So, you don’t want a Gixxer anymore?”

“Yes. But I’ll be riding it to work.”

2 Comments on “Dedicated Trackie”

  1. Mr.Slow says:

    Always full of surprises.

  2. Dandooligan says:

    lol, you’re pride is hilarious Miss Busa! Do what you gotta do, but if I were in your position, I’d get the 600… Why? Because your daily rider gets that much more use. And you really like riding the pirate. So ride it every day and tape it up for track days. Have the 600 ready for the actual races so you don’t have to do so much to the Pirate to get it track worthy every time…. But that’s just me. In my book, it doesn’t matter what a rider rides (notice I didn’t say man or woman), cause the folks who think it has to be a certain size don’t really know what it’s all about..

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