The Pirate’s New Skirts

Do not ask what you can do for Brown, but what Brown can do for you!

What Brown can do for me right now? Drop off the Pirate’s new skirts before I have to leave for work. I really need some motivation today; I’m just not in a working kind of mood and I’d rather not spent all night wondering if my S1000RR’s newest bling is going to be OK. I know my neighbor would collect the box and keep it safe at her place, but I’d rather her not have to wrestle this monster with a declared weight of 25 pounds across the street. I want to at least tear into the thing for a quick, invigorating whiff of new bike part smell before I have to leave to turn raw time into “cubic dollars”.

I decide to get ready a little early so I can stop by the store on the way to get some oatmeal and snacks for work. Guess, the UPS guy isn’t going to beat me out the door after all. I grab my backpack and hoodie, set the alarm and let myself out and almost trip over a huge cardboard box. Hell yeah!

I drop my backpack, turn around, shut the door and disarm the alarm, step back outside and pick up my stoop loot. The hoodie ends up on the floor and the box in the middle of the living room. I have 25 minutes before I have to leave, plenty of time to unwrap the present from the Bike Part Fairy.

The Box

I'm about to tear into that like a kid hopped up on Christmas Spirit!

I get a knife and cut the packing tape along the short edges and tear into the box like a nine year old jacked up on Christmas Spirit. On top lies a padded brown envelope with the word “Extras” scribbled on the front. Inside are the DZUS fasteners, Woodcraft and Armour Bodies decals, instructions and a catalog. Oh boy, this is sweet! Every piece is carefully wrapped and taped; and all of it is buried in massive amounts of brown packing paper. The next few minutes are spent digging through the box and sending pieces of thin foam wrapping and brown paper flying everywhere. By the time I’m done I have a huge pile of packing material sitting off to one side and five pieces of awesomely light, ultra flexible, mounting point Kevlar-reinforced, primered and (almost) ready to paint race bodywork.

The Pirate is going to look so gorgeous in her new skirts. If I can manage to do her justice and do her one better than a twelve-foot paint job. I’m going to have to call around town to see how much they charge to finish those panels or if I have to buy some paint and Preval sprayers and learn how to be an automotive painter in addition to my studies as a racer, personal trainer, PR manager, mechanic and tuner.

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2 Comments on “The Pirate’s New Skirts”

  1. Mr.Slow says:

    Broke, aarrrrg…it’s what we men of a fast lass be.

  2. Dandooligan says:

    LOL, that’s awesome!

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