Over-Extended and Under-Whelmed

The Pirate Without Her Clothes

The Nekkid Pirate: She is waiting on her first fitting...

I never envisioned racing … scratch that: WANTING to race being so much stinking work! I’m really getting overwhelmed. Right now it is really looking like the work-fun ratio is way off. I’ve spent countless hours doing things I’ve never thought I would have to do. Things like becoming a damn motorcycle mechanic, or a graphics designer, or a promoter… a sign maker, automotive painter, girly-girl, social butterfly… good grief! And for what? Six laps around the track. SIX laps in a sprint race. I’m really beginning to doubt my sanity. I spend every penny I make on the bike. I don’t do anything but work, ride, and wrench. I try to learn gearing, have a suspension that can’t be tweaked within necessary range unless I buy new innards. I’m supposed to hit the gym to work on my endurance, but I don’t find the time not to mention the energy. I had to ditch the daily blog post, because I just couldn’t keep up with everything. There is so much to do and so little time. My brain has been smoking for weeks now.

The Pirate's Clothes

The Pirate's clothes are tossed all over the sun room... better clean this mess up before the Slower Half gets home...

And what it all comes down to? Six laps. Six laps and a gradual increase of a dislike for street riding. I’m bored with it. More often than not I find myself irritated by people’s grandiose stupidity when driving.

I have actually been approached by several people who asked if I wanted to ride with them. I turned every single one of them down. They probably thought me a snob. I am not. I just don’t trust anybody else’s riding anymore. Where is this coming from? I mean, I have never liked group riding; at first it was because I didn’t feel my skill was advanced enough to be riding in a group. After a while, I tried it and had to find out that it isn’t really for me, so I started hanging in the back because I had to admit to myself that I was a control freak when I’m on the bike and I can control what is in front of me… well, I can’t control it, but I can keep it under control. Now I just don’t want to anymore. But I really do. I dig the camaraderie of motorcycling, but how can I be a biker if I can’t find it within myself to ride with them?

I am really torn. I think I have opened a stale can of beer when I jumped into this racing thing and sliding feet first… into last place; unless it’s Women’s Superstock. =D But then again, there is something wrong with this analogy… I think it doesn’t officially count if you cross the finish line sliding sideways on your ass… since the transponder is stuck to the bike.

When I’m at the track it’s all worth it! But when I’m doing grunt work it really doesn’t seem all that beneficial. I can see where serious racing (of the privateer variety) is a full-time job and the actual racing is only 1% of it.

I’m a 1%-er. And I’m starting to dislike street riding. However, Mr. Slow put that one to the test: He asked me if I would moan and groan and think that way if I had to drive to work. I replied that it would depend on the car. He says: “A fishing car. A POS. Because that’s all that you can afford.” I gave him a disgusted look: “Hell no! I guess street riding still beats the pants off of caging it.”

There I have it. I’m unhappy on the street. Or so I think. When it really is just a matter of missing the kind of riding I get to do at the racetrack. I grow impatient between track days. Or so I think. When it really is just a matter of having so much work to do to prep for my first road race and then for my first official LSR meet that I just can’t give my brain a break. I need to reboot and relax.

Why is it taking me so darned long to be ready? I must be over-thinking again. But then again, that is all I have. I am now at a point where most of my riding skill training has to be done in my brain. No wonder I am so freaking slow in the straights. I never bother with those… besides I have been conditioned to observe the speed limit with my 3-point license.

Armour Bodies Race Bodywork

The Pirate's too fat for her underpants. 😦 I'll have to give Woodcraft a call tomorrow and arrange for an exchange since they sent me the bellypan that fits a race exhaust and not the stock unit.

No way I could have been ready for Roebling Road this weekend, even if Mr. Slow hadn’t messed up the date of his wedding photo gig.

Overwhelmed with race prep, work, chores and life’s little messes; and just can’t seem to be catching up. Underwhelmed in the amount of real throttle time I get, so please excuse my ramblings… I haven’t seen redline in quite some time. That isn’t true either. It’s only been a month and it’s only a month until my first WERA race.

Yeah, you just got passed by a girl!

Yeah, you just got passed by a girl! And THIS time I was taking the 'liter bike line' around, too. Talk about white-lining it on exit! Wooohooo! That was... well... I need to do THAT again and soon!!! (I know I was going fast enough that time... I scared myself. A little.)

12 Comments on “Over-Extended and Under-Whelmed”

  1. Donna Rees says:

    You, m’girl are a freakin’ force. That last photo of you is soooo awesome. Other than time and money what do you need? I’d like to send all the good vibes I can muster on this daunting task and I wish you nothin’ but the finest luck. It’s work but I bet it will pay off in the end with your dedication! I am in awe.

    • Donna Rees says:

      I also have to add that I too do not do group riding. I have one ride a year with other women whose skilz I admire, that I do. I also ride with my husband on occasion, otherwise this girl goes solo. I can’t agree more with your analogy and with what I often see as “street” riding, scares the bejeesus out of me.

      I believe the track with it’s controlled atmosphere is the place to go for the speed and the control You can ride yer ass off on the track with full confidence that you are on the best possible surface with metered and balanced curves. I think if that’s where your passion is, then that is what you need to pursue. I have ridden the track twice and both time, the adrenaline was flowing but I couldn’t go balls out, knowing i lacked the skilz. You sound like you are quite ready to take control!

    • Miss Busa says:

      You could hit the gym for me and maybe come over once a week and clean mi casa. 😉 LOL Thank you, girl! For the good vibes and taking the time to leave some words of encouragement.

  2. Mr.Slow says:

    Ooooooooooooooooooo. Come on curly, snap outta it! Strength of mind and soul.

  3. Strega_Rossa says:

    Nice last photo. You could have smoked him and passed him in the INSIDE!!

    Own the line. Now that would be racing 😉

  4. Mr.Slow says:

    Ooooooooooooooooooo. Come on girl, snap outta it! Strength of mind and soul.

  5. Wow. I had no idea what racing would involve! I pulling for you!!

  6. Hell yea lady! You rockin’ it! It’ll be worth it in the end. Make it happen! You are my super hero!

  7. mtajudy says:

    Im starting to get worried about you!! If you keep sounding so discouraged, you might actually BE discouraged. Like the wise man said,”come on Curly, snap outta it!!”. Hes no dumby. LOL

  8. Black widow says:

    and the rest is history…oh the memories

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