The Paint Peeled Off

Paint Booth

I don't think Mr. Slow is going to like what I've done with the home theater: Blackout curtain is gone, speakers disconnected, furniture moved and there's plastic everywhere, with the faint smell of automotive paint reducer in the air. OK, so my plastic job isn't as good as Dexter's, but it works.

…the fender. Literally. It’s cold and raining. Winter is back. The rain is normal for spring time in Georgia, but the cold? Brrrrr…. it’s not supposed to rain when it’s cold! And that’s final. I moved the paint operations into the theater room. Made myself a homemade “paint booth” and used half a roll of painters tape to keep the plastic stuck to the ceiling, for how long I do not know.

Of course I got the runs on my first round. Damn! Had to wait ’til the paint snot dried so I could sand the crap back flat. As I was finishing the paint started peeling off like dead skin on a beach bum’s three-day old sunburn. Curses! I have a feeling I might have to order some more paint, if my patience nor technique improve. I have half a mind to call around to get a quickie at a local auto body shop, but my tenacious tendency to not be beat by some silly setback prevents me to do that (just yet).

Plan B: Run the stock fender and lay down the line in primer grey on race weekend!

Fender Job

We are not going to talk about this any more. No. This is NOT ART... but this is ridiculous!

Now, while the paint is drying between coats I get to go play around in the cold and wet, putting my bike back into “no, I’m not racing this thing” shape, so there will be no silly questions asked tomorrow when she goes in for her 12K service 2,400 miles late. Probably should put the antifreeze back in, too. I’ve been running around with Water Wetter enhanced distilled water in the radiator since JenningsGP.

“What do you mean I have holes in a bunch of my fasteners?!?”
“Safety wiring? Racing? What?”
“No, sir. I don’t know how they got there. They were already there when I got it. I thought this funny, since I don’t remember ordering the pre-drilled model.”
“You mean you stick wires through those holes and your stuff doesn’t fall off? Genius! Leave it to the Germans…”

Pearlized White

Pearlized White: This is what it is SUPPOSED to look like when it's done. Yeah, good luck with that.

5 Comments on “The Paint Peeled Off”

  1. Strega_Rossa says:

    Practice practice before you start on the real deal. However, rattlecan comes out very nice if done right and in thin coats. My 900 was shot that way and you can only tell by feel. Looks perfect close up. (My hubby’s the BEST)

    • Miss Busa says:

      I’m beginning to see that. LOL That’s also why I’m doing the fender first… if I screw that one up, it’s no big deal. I just start over. =D It is VERY hard for me to mist a coat on that I can barely see and then leave it alone for 15 minutes…

  2. Mr.Slow says:

    My freakin theater rooooom! What the heck? Aaaaaaarrrg!

  3. sherry says:

    Good luck getting that paint done..PATIENCE!! have some:) hhmmm..I still gotta redo my pipes

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