I Want A Fine Lady!

I just came across a site I had stumbled upon months ago and had thankfully forgotten all about, until now. I don’t even remember how I happened to end up there. I was looking for something, but it damn sure wasn’t for racing leathers. I have two sets. Dainese. The black two-piece Dominia and the white one-piece Yu Lady. I need another race suit like Mr. Slow needs elbow sliders! I could unload the Dominia, since it’s way too big anyway… the thing retails for 1.005,-€ and that is before S&H, upgrades and customization. I would have to sell the Yu Lady, too. No! I love that suit; even though it is too short in the torso and just a tiny bit more room for the caboose wouldn’t hurt either. Now we know why they put those feel-good stretch panels everywhere. Those are for women to squeeze into the smaller sizes. 😉 It’s also too wide across the waist and I have ample room in the chest (and that’s the real reason I wear my chest protector, it endows with two extra cup sizes.)

Why must I be such an incorrigible gear whore?!? I don’t have this particular donna problema with my street clothes. Hell no, I still have shit hanging in my closet from the last millennium and I still wear some of it, too. I don’t keep up with fashion. I don’t wear designer clothes. So why in the heck do I need a new best-I-can-afford getup every year when it comes to motorcycle gear?!?

Is it vanity or personal safety? Maybe it’s both. Hell, I ride in my race leathers on the street, when I expect it to get a little “spirited”. Not unusual for European standards, but in the US people look at you funny, well they do around where I live anyway. But this is Georgia, a lot of riders around here don’t believe in gear. Helmet, boots, gloves. That’s about it; and those are listed in order of priority. The lid comes off as soon as the state line is crossed into South Carolina, cruiser riders are especially guilty of that last one. Do what you please, but it’s not for me. I can’t even make a decent u-turn without my gloves on my hands; the controls feel alien and I’m lacking a big chunk of confidence. I do better when I can trust my machine and my gear. But that’s just me. Am I weird? Maybe. But I do what it takes to keep my riding skill and confidence at its best, so when (not if) the shit hits the fan, I have a better chance of getting myself out of it with nothing more but a colorful story to tell. But that is a topic for a different article altogether.

I won’t be able to sleep tonight, I’ll be tossing and turning trying to figure out how I could manage to get my butt squeezed into some luxurious kangaroo hide. I would look so unassumingly gorgeous sitting on the grid straddling an equally beautiful S1000RR dressed in her candy red, metallic black, and pearlescent white Pirate skirts. Sparkles! Too bad that we’ll be gridded in the way back looking at everyone else’s tail pipes instead…

Fortunately I am tapped due to the upcoming race. I can’t be tempted (just yet).

Gimoto's Fine Lady Race Suit

Of course, Miss Busa gets options… Must. Have. Upgrades.

Fine Lady Specs

I amused myself at Gimoto’s site for a few hours, playing fashion designer. When I finally was bored enough to leave, I noticed a little Union Jack flag in the top right corner, next to Italy’s colors. DOH! Ah hell, my Italian needed a little refresher anyway. Because it’s just not very classy when all you have the vocabulary for is to tell Valentino Rossi what and where he can stick it, in his native language. Just not cool. Not that I would. Tell VR where to stick it, I mean. I would probably say something else, like…

“Mamma Mia! Guarda che bel culo che appende fuori quella moto.”

Merda! Damn Gryo Butt-Cam! I’ll be quiet now.

Mmmm… somebody call Il Dottore.

…cosa succede alla curva tre, soggiorni alla curva tre.

12 Comments on “I Want A Fine Lady!”

  1. Pam says:

    Talk about hugging the curves in that outfit! Oh yay baby!

    • Miss Busa says:

      Wipe the drool off yer face and keep on dreamin’… unless you’re running some racket somewhere I don’t know about and have a wad of green stashed somewhere. 😉 And in that case, throw in a set of tires and a Power Commander…

  2. Dandooligan says:

    Holy crap, look at that price! Sweet suit, not sure if it’s worth that…. I paid $140 for my pre-crashed a-star onesy…

    But yours sure is sexy! It would be even better once your in it…

    • Miss Busa says:

      Pre-crashed??? LOL Like the jeans that already have holes in the knees when you buy them… In my day we did that ourselves. =D I have a Harley two-piece textile riding suit, the one I commute in, that I “broke in” myself. 😉 With extra vents for summer riding…

  3. Dandooligan says:

    Yes, kind of like the jeans that come with holes in them already, except on this suit, the scrapes didn’t come from the factory… Luckily the fellow who put them there is still riding happily. I’m just cheap, and I hope to never “break mine in”, as you say. 😀 I wish you the best of luck in your decision making process!

    • Miss Busa says:

      Ride hard. Ride gentle. And hopefully you never will. 🙂 I wouldn’t wear anything “pre-crashed” or “post-crashed”, I’d be too embarrassed… well, you can’t really tell in my textile suit that I crashed in it. But rashed up leathers? My gawd, I’d be advertising for my “This Chick Can’t Ride” series of blog entries. Hahahaha…

      I am still debating wether or not to sell both my Dainese suits and get this one. Would have to be in the winter time when I’m swathed in fleece, cordura, gore-tex and tons of other stuff that I can’t move in, since it’ll take between 6 and 16 weeks to get it. I got my answer back from GiMoto, the poor dude should have just emailed me in Italian… his English was terrible. LOL But basically the thing would set me back approx. $1920 in US cashola incl. S&H, options and customizations. That kangaroo hide really has me wishing. My Yu Lady is made of cow and it’s so stiff when I first put it on, I literally have to yank and grunt to get my feet on the rearsets. Hahahaha… and that’s after doing squats and upper body contortions to loosen stuff up. And remember not to stretch or you’ll end up with a frontal wedgie. 😉 My two-piece is made out of something they call D-Skin, and it’s also cow, but they run it through some specialized wax/silicone/whatever treatment process which leaves the leather feeling supple and soft. Unfortunately, it flaps around on me in places, so I don’t really want to wear it on the track the bunched up leather at my tummy when in a tuck is annoying and interferes with my concentration.

      I’m really, really, tempted. *sigh*

      • Dandooligan says:

        Well then, sounds to me you’ve made up your mind, now it’s simply a questions of economics… 😀

        • Miss Busa says:

          Nah, my gear whore self says: “Hell yeah!”, while my passing-as-a-semi-responsible-adult self says: “Are you nutters? You know how many sets of tires and entry fees that could buy?” I need to start thinking along the lines of “racing budget” not “blow dough” for bike parts or gear. The reality still hasn’t really hit how expensive this silly dream of mine really is. And since this is practically a self-sponsored operation, I need to start thinking long term. I should spend that money (if I had it) on skill training and not gear I have already in duplicate…

          …and that, is simple economics. Whether I like it or not. LOL

  4. Nice blog. I’m adding you to my new women riders blog roll.

  5. Jack Riepe says:

    There is something about a leather-clad riding partner, known as “Domina” that I find disturbingly appealing.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

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