The Plastic Seals Her Fate

I don’t know what is so dramatically important about actually clicking the order button on those pre-entries that have been sitting in my WERA account, patiently waiting for me to finish the registration process. But I really started feeling all giddy inside when I entered my payment information and then clicked the order button. My mouse hovered over it, hesitating for just one moment, then I closed my eyes and gave it one purposeful, determined click. I’m going to Nashville, with or without Mr. Slow. Alone or with my one-man chauffeur/roadie/pit-crew/track-photographer/sponsor entourage.

I’m not entirely certain how I feel about having to go by myself. Hell, I probably won’t even be able to find the damned place. Get lost, be late, stuck outside the gate overnight, late for tech, sleep-deprived, hopped-up on caffeine, and in a generally foul mood due to the lack of a good cup of coffee and the silicone stuck under my fingernails that I can’t seem to dig out.

First Race Entry

No. I take that back. I do know exactly how to feel about it: pukey. I shall bring some paper bags, just in case.

Now, somebody please help me get this freakin’ bike off the truck… I don’t  have all day…

4 Comments on “The Plastic Seals Her Fate”

  1. Mr.Slow says:

    Arrrrrg! I must go!

  2. Jack Riepe says:

    Dear Caged Lightening:

    Good luck getting off the starting line… I see checkered flags in your future. My pal Tom Cutter placed second in a WERA race at Summit point last week, riding A S1000RR.

    Leave ’em speechless in the turns.

    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads
    The Biker Blog Where Life And Third Marriages Are Dirt Cheap

    • Miss Busa says:

      Caged Lightning? LOL I like that. Jack, thank you for your comment. I try not to disappoint too much. Well, in the straights… maybe a little 😉 But I’ll make up for it in T1. I swear it.

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