Miss Busa Walks The Plank

Mutiny Aboard The Pirate

There be mutiny afoot... then there was a bottle o' Rum for me mateys.

Booty. Points. Loot. Rum.

Stay tuned for the full report. =D

6 Comments on “Miss Busa Walks The Plank”

  1. Mr.Slow says:

    She went down with the ship.

  2. blackwidow says:

    But she took 20sec off her lap time by the end of the weekend! Kick ass!

    • Miss Busa says:

      Because Pit Mom kept me straight and gave me what I needed to do it. I was just doing what I was told, like the good provisional novice that I am. =D Half the credit goes to you, BlackWidow. Well, and that Slow Dude. 😉

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