Too Many Teeth!

What I really want to know is what kind of junk the pro racers slap on their drive train to get a decent final gear ratio. Because there is not a 14-tooth front sprocket to be had in this country. So they all run like what? 69 teeth on the back side, eh? I guess two missing in the front with a 50 cal out back is going to be as good as it is going to get. At least I don’t have to buy that extra chain after all. I got myself some Woodcraft engine covers in black with red skid pads instead. For the left side. I can’t afford both sides right now, so it was a toss-up since both sides are equally favored by the S1000RR when falling over.

I need a dedicated race bike… something a little more “tried and true”. Maybe a GSX-R… But damnit, I trust my Pirate. It has become an extension of me. I don’t want to get used to something else. I also like the fact that I constantly have to wipe drool off of her when I take her places.

But then there is reality… Hell with it. The whole thing is a dream to begin with. Why should I come to my senses now?

Why? Because the Dandooligan did it. 😉

9 Comments on “Too Many Teeth!”

  1. John Cloonan says:

    Just checked out Vortex racing for your bike, and the smallest sprocket they carry is a 15T. But remember that -1 in the front = ~+3 in the back. Any way you could go to a bigger rear sprocket for the same ratio you’re hunting? A 14T front is going to be pretty aggro.

  2. Miss Busa says:

    LOL Yes, I have a 50T on order. But I really would prefer not to run around sporting a ferris wheel on my rear. The 2.94 (-1/+3) was too tall for NSS. So… I wanted to try 14/44 for 3.14 and see if that would do it for me… and if that wasn’t right still, I could have slapped that 47 back on there and called it good, since that would have been the end of my options at that point anyway. I suppose the 15/47 combo is close enough – for the likes of my skill level – at 3.13. LOL I just wanted to save some money and weight, since I would have only had to buy the cheap one for the front. Besides, I’m starting to dig this whole gearing thing and what it does to the power of the bike… if only I could cheat and get that chain off the front without having to break it… but with a 15T or smaller and the adjustability of the rear axle in the swingarm, I might just be able to save myself a pile of master links.

  3. black widow says:

    Oh for gods sake just get a darn GSXR to race. The parts are so common you can probably buy sprockets at for it at Home Depot.

    • Miss Busa says:

      Gixxer sprockets at Home Depot? Hell yeah! Then over to Lowe’s for some fork internals and a set of race cans. 😉 I’m all for it…

      I’m with Strega tho… I would probably ride around on the Six-Gix and still race the Beemer… *ducks then runs*

      I haven’t ridden since Nashville, haven’t even touched the bike to start getting it street ready… and I don’t really miss it… I’m starting to think there’s something seriously wrong with me… but I can barely wait for the next race weekend. Before I couldn’t go two days without riding… unless I wanted to pull my hair out and go nuts…. now, I get the idea to ride… and I shrug and blow it off… really not worth getting the leathers on…

      Yup… I’m turning back into a cager…. Waaaaaahhhhhhhh……!

  4. Strega_Rossa says:

    A dedicated race bike… you’ve got one. You said you needed a commuter like the 600 or something. Keep the beemer on the track heck you’ve already spent the money on replacement parts and that fancy paint job 😉 and all the race prep time which is probably more ‘expensive’ than the hard parts.

    I’ve a feeling you’ll be happier keeping the beemer for the track.

  5. John Cloonan says:

    Get a clip link chain, too!

    And honestly, if you can tell the difference between a 3.14 and a 3.13 final drive, I will be extremely impressed!

    • Miss Busa says:

      I won’t be able to… but I’m a perfectionistic obsessive, when I get into one of my moods (or when I learn something new). Until I see how it all translates into reality, then I usually just release my death grip I have on the subject and switch gears into “real world application”. 😉

  6. Dandooligan says:

    You’re title immediately made me think of this:

    One of my favorite songs of all time – hope I didn’t just insult you.

    After a while the whole wrenching thing starts to get fun, yea? Simply because you stop messing up and things go smoothly. That’s what tickles me….

    For the street – get a 250, and keep the Pirate for the track. I love commuting on my mini-ninja, and I’m sure you would too!

    Spectacular as usual!

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