You Have Gained A Level.

Will you look at that?!? I can finally lose the shirt and race topless. 😉 This, for some reason, totally makes my day!

Miss Busa’s Wall of (Timed) Shame

Cue up party song: Taio Cruz – Dynamite (International Version)

Why because it has S1000RRs in it… and chicks who wrench. I make that bike look way better than Taio, tho. Just sayin’…

Oh, I do know why I’m so freakin’ excited over this: It’s like when you are 16, passed your road test (finally) and got to go to the DMV to turn in your permit for a real driver’s license.

Yeah. This is the real deal.

Miss Busa earned her (real) RACING LICENSE!

…be afraid, be very afraid. 😉

*gets on her Thunder Grey Metallic S1000RR, puts her helmet on and rides off the soundstage*

9 Comments on “You Have Gained A Level.”

  1. Strega_Rossa says:

    🙂 Congrats!! Just keep the beemer in race trim and get that 600 for the street. 😀

    • Miss Busa says:

      I haven’t touched her… promise. 🙂 I took the race glass off just to fix the paint job where it, uh… well… I must have been using paint that wasn’t rated for the kinda speeds I laid down… because some of it fell off. *giggles*

  2. Michelle Linton says:

    Well that is just awesome!!! A big CONGRATULATIONS to you!!

    • Miss Busa says:

      Girl, there you are! Was just thinking about you. I have to make use of your professional expertise. I’ll send you a PM on the WeRideMoto site, just a quick question… nothing major. But I did want to wait until you weren’t swamped with the late bums filing extensions. Let me know when you have a moment to breathe and I’ll lay it on ya. 😉

      • Michelle Linton says:

        I’m here – and you can always send me a direct email to taxgal [seven] at gmail [dot] com! Happy to help out where I can (but would rather help in the pit at this point – you hiring yet ;)]

        • Miss Busa says:

          Will do, thank you. And I changed that addy for you, you don’t need more spidered auto spam… Hope you don’t mind.

          Hiring? I can’t afford myself… but yeah, you can definitely quit your job when I (hell) race (freezes) MotoGP (over). =D

          • Michelle Linton says:

            Thanks for covering my back on the addy! Shows how stupid I can be – and you want professional advice from me whahahaha?

            Well while I still have my day (and sometime night) job we’ll get you to the point of paying for yourself. I need to get some sponsoring going for you!

  3. sherry says:

    Congrats girl!!! And good luck with that paint:)

    • Miss Busa says:

      Thank you. Joe has given me grief over that paint job… he says he wants my fairings, he can do better than that… but it’s good enough… paint isn’t what really matters at the moment… good enough from 12 feet, good enough for keeping the white gloves in the tech inspector’s tool box… and not looking like a redneck in primer gray. All I wanted (but not what I hoped for).

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