Ascertained Uncertainty

I think I am going to retire this blog, bury the dead dog, and quit beating that poor horse. Writing? Honestly, the creation of cleverly strung together words to form a proper vision in the reader’s mind is torture. Yes, it helps me process. It focuses my brain and on that rare occasion, it is actually fun and flows from me with nary an effort. Mostly, though, it is drudgery. And why bother in the first place? What exactly does this blogging thing accomplish? Nothing really. The very few people who actually read my words will hopefully not think too harshly of me. I appreciated your kind words in the comments and your encouragements on Twitter and in email. For that small token I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It felt good to have you in my online life.

Until I find my direction, until I see a sense in what it is I’m trying to do here, I am abandoning this project. It has outlived its initial purpose, I have grown beyond its outline, if you will, and as such it has to evolve or be finished.

My work here may just be done.

3 Comments on “Ascertained Uncertainty”

  1. chesshirecat says:

    Lord knows you’re a very busy girl with your family, your work, and of course the racing. I think it would be a good thing for you to keep the blog. Use it when you NEED to, rather than feel as though you have to entertain with it. Use it for yourself, the rest of us will come along for the ride when there is room for us. But to shut it down or lose some of the fantastic writing all together would be folly on your part. I’d keep it for my muse. BUT…don’t let it dictate to you, it’s a tool. You dictate to it! When you need it, it’s here and so are your readers.

    Just my copper penny’s worth…hope you’re well.

  2. Mr.Slow says:

    Please keep it. I said please. That is all.

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