Social Network Suicide

Yes, the rumors are indeed correct. I have committed Twittercide. But since I am a girl of extremes and don’t do anything just half-assed, I killed myself without much ado across the entire social network sphere. Facebook? Joined the undead there long time ago! Google+? Oh please, I circled my wrists. Gmail? Goner. And with that, several service accounts were mass-murdered, leaving naught, but the lingering smell of sickly sweet death. YouTube was my favorite act of Gmail Genocide. No explanation needed. It was strangely gratifying and therapeutic to my digital soul. I would have killed myself on my own server, too. However, an intervention in the form of a forgotten password saved the last remnant of Miss Busa’s presence.

You may indulge now in digging through the numerous archival-quality WWW time machines, that only work one way: into the past. The future? I won’t be back, resurrected, rising from the digital ashes any time soon. I need a break. A long one.

A note to the few people on Twitter that I actually miss interacting with: I want to thank you for the awesome times we shared online. The jokes, the trash talk, the drunk tweeting, the mutual support and experiences shared. I will miss you. A LOT! I wish I had gotten to know more of you iRL.

…and to the six people who actually noticed my disappearance act: “@TaildManx will DM you my new email addy, if you are so inclined to stay in touch. You have nothing to do, but ask. But I’ll leave that entirely up to you.”

Peace. Out.

Em Alicia aka MissBusa

P.S. And to two developers of my purchased Android apps: I won’t repurchase your applications!  Because a cookie-cutter email response isn’t filed under “great customer service” in my box. And when a reply to said cookie-cutter email goes UNANSWERED? That is filed under: “Shitlisted!” around here! That is all.

The makers of TweetCaster Pro Pink, Handmark/OneLouder and the makers of WomanLog Pro, Pro Active  App.

6 Comments on “Social Network Suicide”

  1. chesshirecat says:

    😦 but I understand. I have a phone number. When I’m heading south once again, a phone call is in order. Be peaceful and enjoy the time you gain by NOT being here or twitter or facebook!

  2. Dandooligan says:

    Good on you! Make your life happen however you need! And thanks for posting this so I know what’s what and don’t think you just died…. 😛 Keep it rubber side down!

  3. Michelle Linton says:

    Sad to see you go! You’ve been a great inspiration to me and my riding. So if you are so inclined, touchbase with me occassionally at If not, I suspect you will resurface eventually. Take good care! Michelle

  4. Eric H. says:


    I’m in customer relations at OneLouder and was wondering if you could let me know your ticket number (it should be on the initial response you received) or the email you used to post your ticket? I’d like to see what happened.

    Thank you,


  5. Faceyman says:

    All I can say is I miss seeing you around Twitter… 😦

  6. Hi MissBusa

    Make it 7 people who realised you’re gone. I was wanted to tell you that I finally got a bike again…and it’s a BMW! I got an F800S.

    It’s really sad that you’re off Twitter and I’ll miss seeing your tweets in my timeline.


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