At First Sight: I <3 2012

This year is taking off like a rocket! Literally (more on that shortly) and figuratively. I have just received word that the 2012 racing season is pretty much mine, if and how I want it. Win or lose, one thing is for certain: You, my lovelies, have opportunity to be with us every step of the way. Green to Checkered. No more unfinished business or unscheduled sabbaticals, since I have promised my racing buddy and sister in crime, Margie, that my literary prowess will be on it like an accident lawyer on a meatwagon, or keeping with the theme: On it like a crash truck on Miss Busa’s Beemer. Pinky swear.

In return, she’s going to pull off one hell of a project in 2013; if we don’t kill ourselves first. 😉

Margie and Em exiting Turn 4 at JenningsGP

I didn't hear her coming, but I sure as heck had to watch her go... You shall pay for this impudence, girlfriend. (BTW, this is how 'Stupid' starts.)

Now back to dancing around in my living room singing praises to the God of Speed…

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