Three-Mile High

My competition number on a mailbox: 113

Will you look at that?!? That's my competition number. Pause workout. Snap picture.

I almost didn’t go. I wanted to be lazy and just do a workout DVD in the living room. As I have mentioned before, I hate running. I loathe it. Why am I putting myself through this? Because I hate being beaten by something. I need to redeem myself and get back to being able to run 8-minute miles again, like I did when I wanted to go to Airborne School with my ROTC team in college. For that reason alone, it’s the endurance training method I have chosen. I will conquer this aversion and my innate tendency to cough up a lung and redline my pulse rate. I think I did hit my personal rev limiter the very first time I ran in September. I missed my turn-off, and ended up running an “accidental 5K”. I almost passed out on the side of the road, and after finally making it home, I vomited up pretty much nothing, right after drinking a little water. That was one ill feeling. I care not to repeat that. Needless to say, I didn’t run again until just a few days ago.

Here's your sign: 113

OK, now I know it's fate!

With only one month to go before the start of the race season, I am out of excuses. And every time I turn laps during a track day, I come back from the session telling myself that I need to start working out. Hell, I can feel the need to get in shape. My body is screaming for me to get it properly trained. I am slow because I can’t keep up physically. There are other factors that keep me from being faster, but those can’t really be successfully addressed until my muscles don’t threaten failure and my lungs quit screaming bloody murder.

Obviously, I won’t be in top physical condition by the time I grid up at Talladega, but it’ll be tons better than what it used to be. I have to get it into my brain, that physical conditioning is part of racing. Even though at my level it seems so… overkill.

As much as I confess to disliking running or exercising in general, I had a pretty good run today. I think I discovered how to exactly move my legs and position my feet without “plopping” along, but rather to “roll”. I don’t know if that makes sense or not. However, my leg muscles felt more under control and my feet’s impact wasn’t as harsh. My stride almost felt sexy; and if running is anything like motorcycle riding then I must have been doing something right, because it feels “sexy” when you do it right. That’s how I know that I’ve nailed it. It feels awesome in execution. Just plain “sexy”. Like a dance move, it flows; smoothly.

My pace increased in speed by 10 seconds, I walked a heck of a lot less, and I only hit the internal redline (200 BPM) once. I should have blown the engine by now, huh? I have had low blood pressure all my life, so my heart’s accustomed to the rest of me sitting around somewhere instead of having work to do. I guess, if I was to keel over and die of a stroke, I would have been roadkill two runs ago…

On a weird side note: I kept seeing my competition number along my randomly chosen route. When I saw the second one, I paused my workout and took out my phone to snap a picture. It motivated me for some reason, and it made me smile. It made me want to do this even more. It’s fate, I tell you. Fate.

A screenshot of my Nike+ GPS app: A record day!

These are almost as embarrassing as my lap times at Road Atlanta, but I am proud of them. I set two records today: Fastest 1K and fastest mile. I don't want to hear any trash talk from all you real runners out there either!

I am happy today that I overcame my inertia and set my fa(s)t ass in motion! And towards the end of my run what goodness does the playlist serve up?!? Take it to the limit! Yeah. Yeah! Although it doesn’t take me 4 seconds to reach 60, it’s more like 2.01. Oh, wait a minute, that’s how long it takes me to move 60 feet. =P


Zero to 60 in 4.3
She gets me into trouble and then she makes it double
Takes all my money, she’s a spending machine
But baby, I ain’t hurtin’ I love the way you work it

"Take it to the Limit" by Hinder

3 Comments on “Three-Mile High”

  1. john says:

    l’ve not liked runnin much either and always did as little as possible – but i have some short durations of time when i do just that “Run”. I’ve recently started jogging here where i live and i’m getting something out of it – very cool . My thing is running downhill – Quick story.

    When i lived in San Mateo at my auto body shop i used to have someone drive me up to the top of skyline and i’d run back – it was 8 miles – and damn for someone who’d basically run only a mile possibly twice in my life the 8 miles wasn’t so bad. If i get warmed up runnnin downhill first it’s not so bad if i encounter some uphills along the way. Anyway for whatever it’s worth.

    Lately though with the running i’m doing now it’s similar – downhill – Caveat i bought some good shoes just for running AND i got GEL inserts that are awesome – don’t think i’ll ever do any serious running ever again without the GEL inserts – It’s a dual compound ( you can relate speed racer ) there’s a gob of support in the instep and a dual compound at the heel as well …. Almost feels like i spring off of each step – Very cool ……

    So – have fun –

  2. Dandooligan says:

    Awesome, yea! I should be doing this too… I think you just motivated to… 🙂

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