I Want! The Coolest Paddock Stand Ever

If I could only find this thing for sale in the US somewhere. I want! No more having to rely on the Girl Card at the track or risk your race horse taking a concrete nap on the pad while you’re trying to get off the motorcycle, preferably without upsetting the delicate balance of woman versus gravity, and then ever so carefully inchworming your way around the bike to put it on its rear stand.

I could cut myself a little “peg chock” out of a piece of wood and kick it under there with my foot to hold the bike up, so I can dismount without fuss, but that lacks class and just screams #TeamBrokeAssRacing. I have seriously considered that option; it wouldn’t cost me anything at all.

If it weren’t for this weighty issue I am faced with now: I have to unload the rear suspension to remove the monoshock, which requires lifting from the frame.

Miss Busa's Home Office

Yeah, I keep my race bike in the living room. Sometimes I even let it watch MotoGP on TV.

In a perfect world I would want the solution to be stable and mobile, so I can push the bike out of the way or reposition it, as needed. In a perfect world, I’d also have a garage. The husband would be unceremoniously evicted from his man cave, the space taken over with Hello Kitty decor and racing paraphernalia, with the  family’s truck relegated to parking in the street.

Pit Bull Jack Stands

The Pit Bull Jack Stands can lift your bike by the rearsets or the frame sliders.


I could plop down $150 and get a pair of the Pit Bull Jack Stands. I have a tap and die set; maybe I can void another warranty by modding some heavy duty casters on those later.

I could buy a set of 3-ton jacks and a couple of long bolts to jack the entire affair up by the engine block. I might as well start cutting v-shaped notches into some sturdy wood right now.

The more I think about the available options, the more I want that contraption in the video. That would solve most of the problems my race horse has with resisting gravitational pull in the stable or at the race track.

I’m getting the jigsaw. There is woodworking to be done…

2 Comments on “I Want! The Coolest Paddock Stand Ever”

  1. Black widow says:

    Team broke-ass racing is not a bad word! I cultivate the homeless look.

    • Miss Busa says:

      I would adopt the name, if I could only draw myself a donkey with a busted leg and a few band aids and a broken ear, tongue hanging out and seeing stars, sitting on its arse next to a wrecked rocket with my number on it 🙂 But I can’t draw, so the sensibilities of the general public remain (for now) unoffended. Because you know, I would have to say that in vinyl! LOL

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