Squatters Challenge: Day 1

Just thought I’d record my impressions of my first prescribed workout of what I have come to call the Squatters Challenge.

Overhead Squats: Holy crap on a stick! These babies have most of my back, shoulder blades and everything working. I can still feel muscles back there I didn’t know I had, like (brace for Anatomy 101 Google style) upper- and mid-trapezius, that neck tendon in there (levator scapulae), and deltoids, too. And my upper thighs (quadriceps) are on fire like they are after about 9 laps at Barber! Good grief. Dude Who Runs Downhill wasn’t lying about the effectiveness of this exercise.

Snatch Lifts: These really didn’t do anything for me, other than make me sweat and bring my heart rate up, but maybe that’s the point. What made me feel silly was the “snatching” of just a bar without added weights. This thing weighs only (*goes to bathroom to step on the scale with it*) sixteen pounds. Sorry, they were all out of Olympic bars (those 7-foot 45-pound jobs) unless I wanted a stack of weights to go with them. 😦 Makes me think if I wasn’t supposed to make up the difference with plates on the ends… Hmmmm, Dude Who Runs Downhill never specified. I’m sure a nice, slightly bent out of true, one-incher is just what was ordered, not to mention in my price range. 😉

High Pulls: Same as the snatch lifts, I felt a little “underpowered” if you will. Gets the heart pumping, but I did feel the la petite burn in the shoulders (anterior deltoids) and the back of the upper arms (triceps), extending slightly into the forearms.

Good Morning Exercise: Just like Michelle said in the video. Lower back, glutes and ham strings. Bum and thighs all the way around. I actually liked this exercise the best; but it seems that out of these four, the overhead squats are probably the most beneficial to me.

And what in the world is happening with my ankle?!? I haven’t run in two days and at some point today, while parked on the couch no less, I notice that my right ankle is hurting. I haven’t done anything to it. Oh well, it’s not my shift foot, so I’ll wrap that puppy up in an ace bandage tomorrow and put about three miles on it. I’m not starting my scheduled marathon training skipping out or doing less. End of story.

How does my friend Margie put it? “Racers play hurt.” Or maybe it’s just us, being old and frail and slow, with no choice but to play hurt or otherwise we don’t get to play at all. A midlife crisis is such a terrible thing to waste. =D We make up for our lack of youthful springiness with a sick sense of humor, massive horsepower, and in my friend’s case, brutal amounts of low-end torque.

3 Comments on “Squatters Challenge: Day 1”

  1. Marianne says:

    Good Lawd, girl! All I did was ride hard I the dirt for two days (Gorman the first day, Hollister Hills the second) to train this weekend 😉 and, um…of course crash a few times, including a glorious low side coming into a turn that gave me the possibility of checking the status of rear tread left while still wondering if I could save it. Nope. I think I slid for an hour before coming to rest. Complete with thoughts including “like a boss! Oh yeah!”

    Good to see you writing up a storm again! Miss you, chic!

    • Miss Busa says:

      “Like a boss! Oh yeah!” LOLOL I need to start riding dirt… no money to add a dirtbike to the collection right now though. And I haven’t come across another $400 deal on CL because the thing wouldn’t start and they thought “it may be the piston rings” but weren’t sure. I didn’t have no money then either or I would have jumped on that (literally and figuratively).

      I thought about you today when I read about Willow Springs… Twitter isn’t the same without you and frankly, I can’t get into it anymore. It’s probably for the best. But I do miss our smack talks hijacking the timeline. =D

      How’s your arm? Last I saw it was black and blue and purple and swollen… and they say wrecking in dirt doesn’t hurt… pfffft! That’s one reason I’m glad I don’t have the money… I don’t have to put it where my mouth is, although I probably should just put knobby tires on the Beemer and call it good, since I can’t seem to stay on the track lately. LOL

      Miss you, too.

      P.S. You still going to Daytona?

      • john says:

        Good Job Em. Everything you’re saying is as expected. Overhead squats will demand a whole body experience , that’s always good and good for your reflexes.

        the ankle thing is not unusual – how often to you do ANYTHING in those deep squat positions let alone carrying weight overhead and relying on those ankles to balance you . it’s an ultimate ankle workout – ALL GOOD STUFF.

        The High pulls are called an “Assistance exercise” – basically to put finishing touches on form and the HEIGHT of the pull – remember i said to pull up to your chin if possible.

        The snatch lift is by itself one of if not “THE” lift that will develop the most athletic coordination and reflexes. There’s a real technique there that needs to be mastered to ADD any weight of any significance to the lift. Yes i realize your bar is only about 20 lbs and it feels ridiculously light for that lift but bear with it as you’ll want to concentrate on lifting the bar as high as you can and that QUICK drop into the bottom position with arms extended is where things get interesting as weight gets added —- I came close to doing 300 lbs in that lift while weighing only 180 lbs .. After two weeks when you add that 5 lbs to your program you just MIGHT start to experience the REFLEX’s needed to pull things off , So right now you’re just developing the reflex patterns – it’s about ingraining the form and nerve patterns at this point. patience is a virtue on this one.

        glad you like the good morning exercise – nothing wrong there it’s just a good exercise to use the utmost of your form …..

        Now i’ll add one more comment here. On your overhead squats —- Wait i need to back up here . If i were you before i did any of the exercises i’d find something to hang from such as a chin up bar of some kind . You’ll want to grab something that’s just ever so slightly out of reach almost and stretch from that hang … i wish i had a video of how you’ll want your shoulder to articulate but it’s something alot of people don’t realize how that shoulder can actually move – you look pretty flexible in general but the idea about the hang is to feel while hanging there as though you’re PRESSING out with your arms / ie: stretching as in reaching for the sky. OK ? Remember to use this stretching for the sky feeling when you start your first over head squat … so before you do the actual squat make sure you hold that bar overhead and get a good reach for the sky stretch – then do the 5 reps. Here’s the mental view/set on why …. You don’t want to build bulky muscles you want elongation of muscles , all these exercises i gave you are good for elongation provided you get “SET” like that ( Stretch and elongate your body ) You have the chance to stretch in your overhead squat ( at the beginning of each set ) and you have another chance in that SNATCH lift that you love so much LOL – except in the snatch lift you’re gona want to do the stretch AFTER you stand up with that FIRST rep then just finish up doing 4 more reps.

        be aware ! less reps with heavier weight adds bulk and size – higher reps with lighter weights = endurance and elongated muscles ( Better for you ) .. you’re going to want to work SLOWLY into your personal preference to how much strength you actually want to achieve NOT rush into your maximum lifts and be sloppy – SLOPPY no good on the track right (-: it’s all about precision – execution – technique – reflexes – mental gymnastics as reflexes are firing off ….

        at the end of your first 2 weeks i’ll expect to hear feedback and we’ll make some adjustsments to the program – that’s when we up the challenge ever so slightly …. for now – ride safe — have a friend out here that coins the phrase ” Speed Safe ”

        have fun

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