Driving Slow Needs a Different Skill Set | Lost Motorcyclist

Driving Slow Needs a Different Skill Set | Lost Motorcyclist

via Lost Motorcyclist.

Would you look at that. One of my adventures (“If I Had A Cage“) had a little impact and ended up as the lead-in to someone’s blog post on how driving at differing speeds while negotiating traffic requires different skill sets. Check it out. See if you agree. The article is over a year old, but it’s not one of those things… this one doesn’t have an expiration date within the foreseeable future.


I’d just thought I’d share. I’m tickled pink over stumbling across evidence that some people actually do read my stuff and take something away from it.

My work here is done.

For now.

2 Comments on “Driving Slow Needs a Different Skill Set | Lost Motorcyclist”

  1. Thanks for your comments about my writing, and for putting a link to my blog here. My own writing style is more analytical than impassioned, but when I read your blog, I could relate to those intense feelings you managed to put into words. I have had close calls, and I also worry about my wife, or even my grown up kids riding their motorcycles.

    • Miss Busa says:

      It’s a fine line we have to walk (or ride) between personal safety and breaking the law. I have had more close calls than I care to admit. And I do believe that it takes skill (no matter the situation or the speed differentials involved and numerous other factors) to have close calls rather than accidents or crashes. I had to stop worrying about my loved ones and friends when they are out and about on their motorcycles. I decided that all I can do is try to educate and help wherever I can to enable them to keep themselves out of harm’s way. It’s a shame how much misinformation is floating around out there and how many people don’t take their riding seriously enough.

      I like your writing style. It’s clear, concise and to the point. My blog evolved out of me trying to process all my experiences when I first started learning to ride, and people liked the way I ranted about this and that and joked about serious issues, which made it entertaining to read but it got the message across. It started as a newbie helping newbies. Women, especially, could relate.

      Just the other day I decided I was going to start writing a column to help new riders out. Short, sweet, to the point. And I am thinking about making it more technical. I haven’t really decided on how I’m going to deliver the message, but I have had some good rapport on the idea. And your blog just gave me another idea. There are more than one way to handle a situation, and maybe that’s how I’m going to address the subject. But it’s definitely got my brain cranking…

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