Calling All Riders of All Skill Levels: I need your help!

Dear awesome regular readers and accidental acquaintances,

I am in the process of starting my new series of educational articles aimed at the beginning street motorcycle rider and those who are thinking about it, but aren’t sure if they should. I will be covering issues related to skill development, smart riding techniques, safety gear, and basic motorcycle maintenance.

This series will be different from what I’ve done so far. It will feature diverse media, such as videos, podcasts, and standard written articles with plenty of photos, as is appropriate for the subject being covered. I will publish weekly, every Friday morning, so you have the weekend to play on two wheels and put the new info to work, if you choose to do so.

I need your help, though. If you’ve been riding for a while and can think of something that you wish somebody had told you when you first started learning but didn’t because you never knew to ask the question in the first place, please let me know.

If you are a beginning rider, please email me your nagging question and I will work hard to answer it and also publish it in this series so others may benefit.

This is going to be fun! So, please help a chica out and email your questions, suggestions and ideas to

Please also share this with your friends who ride or are thinking about learning to ride. The more people I can get involved helping me with ideas and asking questions the better this is going to be. πŸ™‚

I want to thank all my readers for their help and want to let you know that I appreciate all the encouragement I have already gotten on this project.

Ride hard. Ride safe.
Em Alicia aka “Miss Busa”

P.S. You can also leave your ideas and questions in the comment section of this blog post, if you wish. πŸ™‚

4 Comments on “Calling All Riders of All Skill Levels: I need your help!”

  1. I was ready for riding after the MSF class, BUT no one said anything about how to pick-up a dropped bike! I was by myself the first time I went down in the middle of no where. It never dawned on me that I couldn’t pick it up until I tried. Thankfully a guy driving by stopped to help and got the motorcycle upright. Looking back I’m surprised that isn’t covered in the class.

    Can’t wait to begin reading this series!!

    • Miss Busa says:

      Me, too. That’s why I still tell everybody to take the MSF course, no matter. It’s available pretty much everywhere (in the US) and you don’t have to be a Harley rider to benefit from it (they have a rider course called Rider’s Edge). It’s the best advice my husband gave me starting out. That and the safety gear thing. I had to promise to take the course and buy and wear the gear or he would have fought me on the moto issue. LOL

      Knowing how to pick up a bike for us women is ultra-important, since we’re usually not as strong as most men, technique is where it’s at for us. Even though a lot of the times when the unthinkable happens there is no shortage of men stopping to help. Sometimes it’s nice to be a princess in distress. πŸ˜‰ Until you’re out in the middle of nowhere on a deserted road and have to fend for yourself. And that’s when it pays off that you know how to do it yourself.

      I have plenty of practice picking up my bike, and it has been laying around on its side a time or two, so mine is the perfect example to practice on. I’m putting it on the list. =D

  2. Faceyman says:

    I recently posted a link to MSF pre-inspection checklist on my blog –

    This should be of interest to new riders…

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