Mr. Slow goes Dragon Slaying

My husband wanted to go on a bike vacation for his birthday and finally become one of the initiated, one of those tough biker dudes who “did the Dragon”. He can now answer the question, that inevitably gets asked of a man when any number of motorcycle riding hooligans find themselves together in a loosely assembled mob of smelly leathers and dirty denim. He can now hold his head high, stick his burley chest out , striking a manly pose; stand tall and answer loudly and proudly: “Yes. I have slain the fabled Dragon. I have gone north in search of the mythical beast and I have drawn blood.” Translation: I found him whilst on his afternoon snooze. I snuck up on him and totally stepped on his tail! The beast woke and breathed fire upon my wife who had been to its lair on a previous raid to inflict pain and suffering upon the monster with the aid of a merry band of rocket-riding wild women. My wife put her knee down and the Dragon slithered off in search for easier prey, such as three drunken Hog Wranglers on a Moonshine run, and his spare set of testicles.

…and they lived happily ever after, for about a week or so.  Can we please do this again? Like every year? How does every second week in May sound!?!

Works for me.

4 Comments on “Mr. Slow goes Dragon Slaying”

  1. Oh hell yeah! That my friends was a blast!

    • Miss Busa says:

      You didn’t see me waving at all the photographers and one-handing the whole thing, not even bothering to shift out of first. 🙂 I wanted to light a Marlboro like those tough Harley guys but then remembered I don’t smoke when I paced the pickup-truck you were holding up to bum a cigarette through his open window. *grins*

      Honestly, it was a blast!!! My baby rocked that road!!!

  2. Faceyman says:

    Thanks for this…I too must slay the “Dragon”/ Watched all 22:51 of the video!

    • Miss Busa says:

      LOL I hope for Mr. Slow’s sake that this was a good thing rather than the usual “I’ll never get those 23 minutes back!”

      Coincidentally, I won’t… *giggles and waits for hubby’s return salvo*

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