This is what it’s all about. This is why I do the things I do in life. The Isle of Man TT is the road race of all road races. It is the embodiment of all the facets of motorcycling that makes my soul sing, that set me free. No other place on earth, but on my bike in control of my machine, dancing through the curves, can make me feel this alive. Only then am I truly in charge of my own destiny. I am boss. I own it. The victory and the defeat are wholly mine. To be able to grid up for this race (and survive) is what this girl’s dreams are made of. Carry on. Miss Busa still needs about twenty years of skill development. 🙂

This Biker's Life

It’s time. Practice Week starts tomorrow (26th), the paddock is full and the weather is more than perfect.

Here’s another one of those “fan films” that perfectly encapsulates what the TT is about. It’s the sounds of the countryside punctuated by race cans, filmed during 2010 Practice Week, by the roadside at the 13th Milestone aka “Bottom of Barregarrow”; featuring stone walls, a century-old cottage, a terrifying dip in the road, all taken at not less than 150 mph. It has been known for riders to scuff their shoulders on that wall. One or two have scuffed their lids on it.

What is not apparent here is that this corner is part of the way down the long descent into Kirk Michael village, so the riders do not, and have not dropped below at least 120 mph for miles. You can hear the spikes in the engines’ revs as their…

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  1. goldiron says:

    The Isle is one of the last true races in the world.

    • Miss Busa says:

      I wholeheartedly agree! That’s the essence of true grit racing. The way it was meant to be. IMHO I wish we had something similar in the US. Close down a road for a week, make a huge party out of it and everybody sign a waiver. Yeah.

  2. Crazy dip into the curve going 150 mph! You’ve got the heart for it that’s for sure!

    • Miss Busa says:

      How did I miss these? 😦 I haven’t been writing in months, so I haven’t been logging into the page… but I’m supposed to get an email. Arrrgh! Didn’t mean to ignore you, girl.

      Thank you for the vote of confidence, but I do believe I will be wearing adult diapers and make sure I don’t eat anything the night before if I ever get to do that road. Hahahahaha There is a reason why it’s the LAST thing on my Bucket List. And it isn’t financial in nature. *snorts*

  3. Rick Ryder says:

    The IOM TT week is addictive I’m sailing over 0430 next saturday morning… the olympic flame will be doing a lap also in a sidecar! the previous two mad sundays i have been first on scene for 0600hrs high speed offs over the mountain (no speed limit!) so fingers crossed i get around without having to place a body on a board this year…
    Rick Ryder
    (last year on BMW S1000RR this year on a ST1300 Pan European …not a sports bike I know but i’m practising for the trip to Greece in july!)

  4. Rick Ryder says:

    must see TT3D Closer To The Edge

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