This is what it’s all about. This is why I do the things I do in life. The Isle of Man TT is the road race of all road races. It is the embodiment of all the facets of motorcycling that makes my soul sing, that set me free. No other place on earth, but on my bike in control of my machine, dancing through the curves, can make me feel this alive. Only then am I truly in charge of my own destiny. I am boss. I own it. The victory and the defeat are wholly mine. To be able to grid up for this race (and survive) is what this girl’s dreams are made of. Carry on. Miss Busa still needs about twenty years of skill development. 🙂

This Biker's Life

It’s time. Practice Week starts tomorrow (26th), the paddock is full and the weather is more than perfect.

Here’s another one of those “fan films” that perfectly encapsulates what the TT is about. It’s the sounds of the countryside punctuated by race cans, filmed during 2010 Practice Week, by the roadside at the 13th Milestone aka “Bottom of Barregarrow”; featuring stone walls, a century-old cottage, a terrifying dip in the road, all taken at not less than 150 mph. It has been known for riders to scuff their shoulders on that wall. One or two have scuffed their lids on it.

What is not apparent here is that this corner is part of the way down the long descent into Kirk Michael village, so the riders do not, and have not dropped below at least 120 mph for miles. You can hear the spikes in the engines’ revs as their…

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Check out Pam’s blog, Helmet or Heels. Pam is a fellow lady motorcycle rider, and was kind enough to ask me to be featured in her new series: “Profile of a Female Motorcyclist” I am in awe that she would ask me to become part of such a great group of ladies who share one common bond, their passion for motorcycles and the ride!

Helmet or Heels: I'm comfortable in either!

I “met” this next gal in cyber space. I was new to riding, Twitter, and blogging but somehow found dear Em Alicia from Augusta, Georgia. Right now I feel like a preschooler (my motorcycle skill level) trying to introduce a rider with a PHD in all things motorcycle. Find Em Alicia or @MissBusa on Twitter. She also has a blog  filled with stories of her adventures in riding, The Girl Gets Around. And check out her Facebook Team PLD Racing page! This gal has some skills!

How long have you been riding a motorcycle? I bought my first scoot in September of 2008, so 3 years 7 months.

How did you learn to ride? My husband taught me the basics in two sessions. Halfway through the second outing, he sent me out into traffic. I made him follow me in the car to “watch my six” the next day…

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Driving Slow Needs a Different Skill Set | Lost Motorcyclist

Driving Slow Needs a Different Skill Set | Lost Motorcyclist

via Lost Motorcyclist.

Would you look at that. One of my adventures (“If I Had A Cage“) had a little impact and ended up as the lead-in to someone’s blog post on how driving at differing speeds while negotiating traffic requires different skill sets. Check it out. See if you agree. The article is over a year old, but it’s not one of those things… this one doesn’t have an expiration date within the foreseeable future.


I’d just thought I’d share. I’m tickled pink over stumbling across evidence that some people actually do read my stuff and take something away from it.

My work here is done.

For now.

Nike should really sponsor me. This says it all. About my racing and my running. 🙂

Trying To Make My Kids Proud


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The good peeps of Socially Fit blog found my journey into fitness in the name of speed worthy and featured me in their blog. Check it. 🙂

Socially Fit

The Need For Speed

One of the most enjoyable things about being part of Socially Fit is that we get to meet great people. One of these people happens to be Alicia Sullivan aka Miss Busa. She’s very funny, friendly, has an amazing blog, and offers advice whenever she can. She also happens to ride motorcycles, very fast! In fact she races them. We were very excited when she gave us the opportunity to share her story. For your reading pleasure, we give you Miss Busa.

I’m not really sure how my need for speed started. I suppose it has something to do with the fact that my motorcycle felt like the only place where I was truly in control of my destiny. The woman and the machine, nothing else. First it was a way for me to relax. Riding took all of my mental capacity; problems, worries…

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My First Feature Ever

I completely forgot about this! Why in the world didn’t I ever mention’s Track Tuesday feature on my own blog? Heck, this was almost a year ago and is actually the first time I ever was featured on another site. Well, since I stumbled across this now, I might as well post it up. Track Tuesday – Em Alicia

Yes, I google myself sometimes to see what my h8erz are up to behind my back. This is also how I learned that my miserable lap times ended up on some overseas racing site that specializes in keeping tabs on female racers for some reason. That’s worse than having the ex-boyfriend make off with your sex tape and post it all over YouTube. Much worse! Lap times are very private. And mine done gone viral. Damn it! LOL

Traction Control


There are times where DTC and ABS just can’t save your bacon…