Mr. Postman Delivers

Marianne was really questioning whether or not we even get mail in Georgia, since it took so long for her envelope to show up. I’m really wondering whether or not they’ve heard of Priority Mail in Cali. ;P Today the goods finally showed up in Miss Busa’s mail box, wrapped in hot pink, as it should be for a girl with an extreme angle (pun totally intended!). I’ve been dying of curiosity ever since she mentioned mailing me something “that I needed for my pit at the next race or track day.”

The Long Awaited Envelope in Hot Pink

Click me to find out what WERA #111 has mailed across the entire country!

This is just freaking awesome, and I will display it with pride.

The Man Refused To Watch

I just finished watching @MsXXFastRR’s videos from her first WERA West race weekend. Her friend has them posted on her YouTube channel. And as I watched them take off and start racing around the track, I started feeling a little sick to my stomach. Good grief! Is this how fast we are going? Seriously? It doesn’t look that fast when you’re on the bike. Neither does POV footage look all that fast. But watching it over the pit lane wall? Holy shite! No wonder Mr. Slow disappeared into thin air and blamed the heat for not sticking around when he met me at Barber in June. I probably would have run away screaming had I been the one watching him doing laps. Well, with his skill, I have reason to be worried.

I can see it now: Mr. Slow on his Concours 14 turning laps, hanging his cheeks into the breeze, hoping that the zipper on his four-cow one-piece race leathers won’t bust or that he’ll slam that Connie right into the ground with his huge weight shift… People watch him go by and are astonished: “He didn’t even take the bags off!”

Yup, that’s my man! Or would be, if he had any interest in track riding. He went to the 1/4-mile strip once. He did 75 at the trap. He said he was going faster, but slowed down because he didn’t know where the thing ended. Puhleeeze!

Seriously though, I just can’t get over this. Makes me wonder if I’m off my rocker, insane in the membrane, three mils short of proper preload.

Seriously, I want to do WHAT?!?

Let’s just say, I don’t blame the man. I understand now. I understand.

What happens in Vegas…

WERA Logo…better gets blogged, recorded, properly documented and shared in every intimate detail!!! Today, one of my bestest Twitter girls, @MsXXFastRR is going to Las Vegas to tear it up on her inaugural WERA West race. I wish her the best. I know she can kick ass, I have more faith in her skills than she does. You know how it is: Objects in mirror are smaller than they appear. 😉 She always curses her conservatism on the track and admires the size of my set. Let it be known that when comparing sizes hers are as big as mine (if only she would believe it) and I know she’s going to give the boys a run for it.

M., I am thinking of you, wish you the best. Be smooth. Be fast. Ride hard, and slide in screaming “Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaah, muthafuckas!”. I wish I could be there and be your cheerleader (minus the stupid skirt) and give you a hand in the pits. Maybe throw a wrench or two at innocent passers by. =D

Make sure your makeup is perfect. You’re faster when the eyeliner isn’t smudged. (It’s scientific gurly fact . ;))