Need. To Ride. More!

I really didn’t think that being a wannabe racer would have such a detrimental impact on the pastime of putting high mileage on low-aged motorcycles.

I put over 17,000 miles on my Hayabusa during the ten months I had the pleasure of flying low with her.

I have had the S1000RR for 20 months and all I did was average 1,000 miles per month? That’s shameful.


I took the Hayabusa off-roading once. I ran out of paved road, into a rutted, narrow gravel path, and couldn’t back her up. I turned around in some dude’s front yard. Oops, sorry about that. My bad! Won’t happen again. On my way back, every male in that neighborhood was standing around in their respective yards, looking badass and watching me. Watching me with the kind of glare that seems to follow its target around corners. I died a thousand deaths before I finally made it back to the main highway.

I took the Beemer off-roading three times. Once in a camp ground and twice running out of pavement at the race track.

I dropped the ‘Busa once and crashed her once. A crash which gave opportunity to a BMW dealer of making a sale.

I dropped the Beemer four times and crashed her twice. Actually, one drop goes on the cap of a coworker who wanted to “freshen up” before going on a ride with his homies. He let the clutch out, stalled the engine and grabbed a handful of front brake, just like I told him not to. His back hurt for a month.

The Hayabusa made it to the mountains but never saw the staging lanes of a drag strip.

The S1000RR made it to the drag strip before she ever saw a seriously curvy road.

I tried to drag knee on the Hayabusa, but ended up dragging tailpipe instead.

I dragged knee on the Beemer right before dragging tailpipe.

The first time I ever put my knee down was actually on a Suzuki GSX-R600. It wasn’t even mine, but belonged to the Kevin Schwantz School. I rode my Beemer there.

In 1,204 days (3 years, 3 months, and 18 days) I have put 42,182 miles on the clock. That’s about 35 miles per day, which equates to approximately 1,051 miles per month.

I am averaged.

I need to ride more!