Dedicated Trackie

Mr. Slow keeps bringing up the subject of getting a dedicated race bike as soon as we pay off some things and free up a little cash flow. Today he was going on about something and my attention didn’t snap to until I heard the words: “… get that 600 you want so you can have a dedicated race bike….”

I looked up and told him that I didn’t want a 600 any more. He gave me a questioning look. “Why?”

I didn’t know that I had actually made a decision until I heard the words coming out of my mouth: “I’m racing the Pirate. I know all the other women that I know of, except one, are racing 600s, and 600s are a blast. But I’m tired of hearing about how this bike is too big for me and how I should have started small. And how I can’t do this or shouldn’t be doing that. I’m going to give them something to take into consideration.”

“So, you don’t want a Gixxer anymore?”

“Yes. But I’ll be riding it to work.”