Mr. Postman Delivers

Marianne was really questioning whether or not we even get mail in Georgia, since it took so long for her envelope to show up. I’m really wondering whether or not they’ve heard of Priority Mail in Cali. ;P Today the goods finally showed up in Miss Busa’s mail box, wrapped in hot pink, as it should be for a girl with an extreme angle (pun totally intended!). I’ve been dying of curiosity ever since she mentioned mailing me something “that I needed for my pit at the next race or track day.”

The Long Awaited Envelope in Hot Pink

Click me to find out what WERA #111 has mailed across the entire country!

This is just freaking awesome, and I will display it with pride.

Express Euroself Ovally ~ A Message To The ‘We Ride’ Girls

First off, the design is not mine. The winged biker chica with her silk scarf flying, riding what looks to be some vintage goodness with comfy highway pegs is DianeT’s design. Diane is one of the core group of ladies at the We Ride women’s motorcycle forum. I blogged about how I came to host the board not too long ago. I just added the wording and tweaked it into “oval sticker” format.

We Ride Sponsor Sticker Design

A heartfelt thank you goes out to my girls of the We Ride women's motorcycle forum. You ladies are the best. 🙂 I will be honored to show my colors when I go out there making a fool of myself. 😉

I wanted to give something back to the ladies who are supporting me in my desire to race motorcycles. They cheer me on, support me, and pick me up off my sorry ass when I fall. They, as my husband, won’t take no for an answer. They let me rant and rave. They are an awesome group of ladies who all have something to give, in their own way, to the motorcycling community. They make me proud to call myself a biker chick.

I will slap this baby on my S1000RR as is proper for a racer to do with her sponsor stickers and hope that I won’t disappoint.

This one’s for you!