Mr. Slow goes Dragon Slaying

My husband wanted to go on a bike vacation for his birthday and finally become one of the initiated, one of those tough biker dudes who “did the Dragon”. He can now answer the question, that inevitably gets asked of a man when any number of motorcycle riding hooligans find themselves together in a loosely assembled mob of smelly leathers and dirty denim. He can now hold his head high, stick his burley chest out , striking a manly pose; stand tall and answer loudly and proudly: “Yes. I have slain the fabled Dragon. I have gone north in search of the mythical beast and I have drawn blood.” Translation: I found him whilst on his afternoon snooze. I snuck up on him and totally stepped on his tail! The beast woke and breathed fire upon my wife who had been to its lair on a previous raid to inflict pain and suffering upon the monster with the aid of a merry band of rocket-riding wild women. My wife put her knee down and the Dragon slithered off in search for easier prey, such as three drunken Hog Wranglers on a Moonshine run, and his spare set of testicles.

…and they lived happily ever after, for about a week or so. Β Can we please do this again? Like every year? How does every second week in May sound!?!

Works for me.

Vee-Roddin’ It Down Nostalgia BLVD

Just look at the enthusiasm of the newly initiated. Not four months into riding I was already itching to trade in my 2008 Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 Low for something bigger, faster, stronger.

I happened across this pic by accident, and it made me sink into the warm embrace of nostalgia. Coincidentally, it wasn’t but two days ago we stopped into Augusta Harley Davidson to look at V-Rods. The Slow One has new-bike fever, but since he doesn’t want to admit it, I practically had to kick him in the ass, plop him on the bike, and knock the kickstand out from under him so he would stay put. He says he doesn’t want to park his bum on bikes he can’t get. Hogwash!!!

His face lit up when he spotted the Muscle. Now he had no problem taking a seat. He seemed so… I don’t even know the proper term. Like a kid in the toy store.

“Baby, buy me one of these!”

Sure, I’ll race it. Why the hell not? If things had gone just a little different, I would have thrown my leg over an ’08 Night Rod with mid-controls, instead of the Suzuki Hayabusa. What kind of rider would I be today, if that had happened? Probably would have never turned into a knee dragger or even considered racing.

Oh hell, who am I kidding here? I would have ended up burning rubber and getting high on the smell of race gas somewhere else instead: at the Quarter Mile.

Hubby then remembered that his wife races and therefore he has no money. The Old Lady spends his paycheck, too. Although, Ray said that they would take anything in trade, as long as it doesn’t need to be fed. Now you know. The “I got a Harley for my wife. It was a good trade.” bumper stickers are a lie. πŸ˜‰

I realized, while we were there, I really miss the Hog HQ in Augusta. Always felt welcome there, and still do. They don’t even make you park your Japanese Girlfriend around back. πŸ˜‰ The service department was awesome and never did me wrong. The parts department were a bunch of damn chrome enablers, they knew their stuff and how to separate a girl from her money. They even remembered us. Good people.

I hope someday Mr. Slow gets his wish and parks a V-Rod in our driveway… he’s gotta go to work at some point. I’ll race his shit, too!

2012 WERA Racing Schedule

Around mid-December I find a letter in my mailbox from WERA. Hmmm… what in the world could they want? OMG!!! They are revoking my racing license!Β “Dear Miss Busa, we regret to inform you that we have no choice but to invoke our right to revoke your racing credentials. Based on your past performance, especially the incident at Road Atlanta…” I tear into the envelope with one slightly clammy finger and am relieved to find a reminder to renew said racing credentials and the next season’s schedule. Phew! I get to dress up in leather and play in one-way traffic for another year. I suppose WERA still needs what little money I have left worse than the possibility of my single-handed attempt at ruining their good name. πŸ˜‰ Welcome to another year of addiction:

2012 Michelin National Challenge Series

16-18 March: Roebling Road Raceway; Faulkville, GA

20-22 April: Talladega Gran Prix Raceway; Talladega, AL Cancelled (Will be rescheduled)

18-20 May: Miller Motorsports Park; Salt Lake City, UT

7-10 June: WERA Cycle Jam at Road Atlanta; Braselton, GA

29 June – 1 July: New Orleans Motorsports Park; New Orleans, LA

25-28 October: Grand National Finals at Barber Motorsports Park; Leeds, AL

2012 WERA Sportsman Series (Southeast)

18-19 February: Talladega Gran Prix Raceway; Talladega, AL

16-18 March: Roebling Road Raceway; Faulkville, GA

12-13 May: Barber Motorsports Park; Leeds, AL

19-20 May: Jennings GP; Jennings, FL

2-3 June: Roebling Road Raceway; Faulkville, GA

7-10 June: WERA Cycle Jam at Road Atlanta; Braselton, GA

29 June – 1 July: New Orleans Motorsports Park; New Orleans, LA

21-22 July: Roebling Road Raceway; Faulkville, GA

25-26 August: Talladega Gran Prix Raceway; Talladega, AL

5-7 October: Road Atlanta; Braselton, GA

WERA Grand National Finals

25-28 October: Grand National Finals at Barber Motorsports Park; Leeds, AL