One-track Mind of Hell

Today the God of Speed spoke to me through a fortune cookie. Yes, this can’t be anything but racing related. My bike number is even in there, albeit in reverse. Yes. I would say I am horribly preoccupied. I wonder if this is a good or a bad thing. It was just like this last year. The brain stuck in gear weeks before the actual race; much ado about nothing. *sigh*


Did I mention I also ran my fastest mile today? 9:56. And my fastest 1K at 5:56. Not too bad, considering I had a gut ache, was severely dehydrated, and felt the torturous beginnings of a migraine. I would think that getting to lap Mr. Slow three times in three miles would be a motivating factor, but my overall average pace dropped back by 25 seconds. I need to find a different backmarker, the man is distracting. 😉

Observation of the Strange Kind: It’s a little after 1 o’clock in the morning, I’ve had but four hours of sleep and my headache is threatening to make a reappearance; oddly enough, I feel like going for a little run.

I need to get my head checked.

Silly boys! S1000RRs are for girls!

We were having a little fun on the way home from work. I know the haters who like to hang out on YouTube to stir the motion picture shit pot are going to have such a blast over this one, but since when have I ever let that stop me? This is the first video shot with the DroidX by Motorola. Not bad, considering it was dark, and the videographer was also driving. Shame on you, Mr. Cameraman! Hang up and drive, will ya?!? But first… let me let you smoke me off the line, to caress your manly ego and your V8 sensibilities. A few rednecks with NASCAR race numbers plastered on the doors of their pickup trucks have enjoyed the same. Just another service Miss Busa provides. Blip. Blip. Whistle. Wait. Rip.

Fun Fact of Occasion: Flipping somebody off with your right hand and simultaneously maintaining speed only works in “Wild Hogs”. =D

Flat Out: The GP RS-R Pocket Rocket

Pocket Rocket (rear view)Pocket Rocket (front view)The GP RS-R test run fell a little flat. I was looking forward to sliding this thing all over the place and the power delivery was, shall we say, not all that usable for that sort of unadulterated silliness. No torque, no top end, and a little flat in the middle. This thing, although pretty fun, was a total letdown out of the box. It needs some tweaks in the way of performance upgrades. The no-load idle needs to be adjusted so it doesn’t take a full-throttle effort with a race boot push-start to get my posterior rolling down the boulevard at a heinous rate of acceleration. Yawn! Let off the throttle just a little and it goes flat, so no sliding sideways fun (just yet). I couldn’t even get it to do a proper burnout (and I wasn’t even sitting on the thing). Dragging some knee to show the neighborhood kids how to properly ride one of these things? No go. Unless falling over in the middle of a turn and landing on your knee puck to hold the bike up counts. ;P It was way too cold for me to stay out there for long and I wasn’t in the mood to take it to a parking lot, as we had planned. I’m not really in the mood for much of anything when the temps are in the lower 50s with a breeze that sends shivers down one’s spine and invites mental images of the North Pole.

To be continued… at a later date, after some tweaks, in a parking lot, with some temps in the upper 60s minimum. March looks good.

And here is the obligatory Miss Busa Boring Ride Video everybody seems to be wanting (for reasons I have yet to figure out) ammo for all you haters *snort* courtesy of Mr. Slow’s BlackBerry:


Pocket RocketSince I can’t afford to race with the big dogs, I have downsized my aspirations and ordered a proper race bike for myself and my budget. It is oh-so-cute and I look totally awesome on it. I would have to say that I am totally rocking this rocket. I’m like a little kid opening the box, which smells of gasoline, was delivered upside down and a day late! Thank you, UPS! I would have forgiven you in the summer time, because I know what Brown can do for me then… Everything is so tiny and the fasteners are ridiculously small. I’ll definitely have to check them for tightness before I take her out on a test run on Saturday. I sit there, amazed, just looking at this marvel of Chinese engineering. It’s been quite some time since I’ve gotten a real toy for my birthday. Excellent! This thing can do 50 miles per hour?

I am so dead.

Team PLD (mini) Racing Budget

Racing slicks: $34.95

Clutch upgrade: $43.95

Race exhaust: $74.95

Looking like an ass sitting on the grid: Priceless.

There are some things money can’t buy, for everything else there’s (a mini credit limit) MasterCard.

Sugar and Spice, Cat Ears and All Things Nice

Somebody asked me once: “Why in the hell are you wearing cat ears on your helmet?” My answer was quite simple: “Because I can.” I paused, then added: “…and the kids like it.” He didn’t get it. Why do I wear silly stuff like that when I’m out riding on my motorcycle? It started on the Harley. I actually did it because I could. I’m a dork. I do silly things all the time. I don’t take life too seriously, nor myself; most of the time I actually succeed. I ordered the cat ears (tested up to 175 mph) and stuck them on my lid, and rode around on my black Sportster wearing my all-black gear, my black carbon fiber full-face helmet and black and white cat ears with matching tail stuck to my menacing crown with the aid of suction cups.

I soon noticed that I seemed to have more fans in the younger demographic. Children started waving at me, smiling, and pointing excited little fingers in my general direction. Toddlers’ faces pressed up against the rear windows of minivans became a regular sight. I waved back and acknowledged the little ones; it really made me feel good. It made me giggle, too. Kids also reacted differently to me when I was slowly cruising through a shopping center lot on the lookout for a place to park. They didn’t seem as scared of “big black man” on the big black bike. The engine noise seemed to bother them less also. It is as if the addition of those two small things of fake fur and plastic made all the difference in the world. It opened up an opportunity of curious fascination, rather than induce fear and uncertainty.

Miss Busa's Cat Ears

Miss Busa and The Fat Lady (RIP): Yes, those are cat ears on my helmet. No, I won't take them off. I also refuse to grow up! Why? Because you can't make me. 🙂

That is how Miss Busa’s Cat Ear Tradition started. I am now on my third set. I have never had any negative experiences with them. They are a conversation starter, an icebreaker, and everybody just thinks they are the coolest things ever. Riders and non-riders alike react positively. Who would have thought that such a small gesture would bring about such a dramatic change in perception and hence attitudes?

In South Carolina I have the Clemson University fans chasing after me with their cell phone cameras, asking me if they could take a picture. I wore my tiger set there once and I couldn’t figure out what in the world had gotten into these people. I thought it quite strange and bordering on the verge of freakish. Husband then explained that I was in “Clemson Country”, that those people were Clemson Tiger fans; mostly Football and Basketball, but Clemson University’s athletic department offers a host of other sports for both men and women.

Miss Busa is rockin' the rocket on I-285 outer perimeter, top side.

Miss Busa is rockin' the rocket on I-285 outer perimeter, top side. Tiger (or cat) ears and tail are standard equipment for this girl.

I’ve had a dude on a ‘Busa literally chase me down to finally catch me at a red light, flip his face shield up and yell over the combined sound of our Hayabusas’ engines that I must let him take a picture with his phone, his daughter doesn’t believe that girls ride motorcycles. I laughed and gave him the thumbs up, he whipped out his BlackBerry snapped the pic, the light changed he turned right and I went straight. I haven’t seen him since. Maybe his daughter now rides one of those electric minibikes. 😉

It is stuff like this that makes me love the ride even more.

Before I forget…
And for all you (online) haters of Miss Busa’s magic cat ears who think that this is just the gayest thing ever, let me state for the record: Yes, it is. It’s totally gay!!! Gay, GAy, gAy, gAY, gaY! In the traditional meaning of the word; but you people wouldn’t know anything about that, would you?

The Umbilical Brothers: Motorcycle Cop

This cracks me up every time I watch it. I want to see these guys live, they are freakin’ awesome!!! I would probably laugh so hard I’d pee my pants. Suppose I should come properly prepared. 😉  I just came across this video again while checking on the results of the “audio swap” on one of my vids which was blocked worldwide due to well… the Man wanting his copyright protected.

So without further ado: The Umbilical Brothers in “The Motorcycle Cop”

The ‘Busa Prayer

Plagiarism rules, especially when it’s ripped straight from my favorite ‘Nam flick of all time by my favorite director of all time. I think I’m gonna have this turned into an etched glass vinyl decal and apply it to my blue Zero Gravity windshield once I order it. However, that’ll have to wait, since it’s hubby’s turn for a mod or farkle.