It’s Miller Time!

I want to race at Miller Motorsports Park! Don’t ask me why, I have not the answer. All I know is that if I don’t somehow pull it off this season, I’ll never set rubber on that track. I google the driving directions and as luck would have it, I could pick up my daughter roughly around the halfway point of the trip. She can be my pit crew again.


Not that she earns her keep. Last time she was with me she wouldn’t even pay for her mother’s gate fee. (Yeah, I hit my daughter up for twenty bucks!) The dudes in line behind us busted out laughing, overhearing our lively discussion on who was to pay for the bracelets. Happy Mother’s Day to you, too! Then she has the nerve to write ‘Crew’ on the sign-in sheet! Oh, hell, girl! You’ve done it now.

“Crew, huh?”
“Well, yeah…”
“Good. I’ll put you to work then!”

[astonished silence, then:]

“What? Whyyy? I don’t know nuthin’…”

“You made your broke ass mother pay for your gate fee!”

[another round of chuckles from the back of the line]

She sits in her chair in our pit, looks pretty and texts the entire time she’s there. Every once in a while she takes care of the tire warmer duty, but I don’t think she even puts the phone down for that. I do believe I saw her without her phone once when she came to Barber with me last year. She was too busy freaking the hell out when her Mom didn’t come into the pits after the practice session had been red flagged.

This time she’s gonna take a turn driving. Wonder if she would want to go, it would be an awesome opportunity for her to do her photography. Wonder if Margie was up for it? Girly road trip of epic proportions. And maybe I could talk MsXXFast “111” into meeting me there, so we can finally put the who’s faster question to rest. Time to get that Taser cannon installed on the bike… 😉

I’m marking my calendar and keep my fingers xd… May 18-20, 2012.