Call Me What You Will

Miss Busageek. gurl. dork. nerd. level 20 biker chica on a Hayabusa (aka The Fat Lady) BMW S1000RR.

This blog chronicles the adventures of Foxy and The Fat Lady, her pearl splash white ’09 Suzuki GSX1340R Hayabusa. The ‘Busa is my 2nd bike, after riding for approx. 7 months and putting 4949 miles on the clock. I’ve logged almost 4000 miles on the ‘Busa in less than 60 days. I learned on a 2008 H-D Sportster 1200 Low, which fulfilled one of my lifelong dreams to own and ride a true American Legend. It didn’t take long to want more. Besides, hubby said I look like an idiot when I’m hanging off a Hog.

So, what in the world happened here?!?

After 17,233 miles and a 317-day high-ocatane, rubber-burning love affair, Miss Busa and The Fat Lady had a little argument concerning maximum lean angle during the negotiation of a left turn. Miss Busa won the round by technical K.O., and The Fat Lady was ridden into the ground. The poor, geometry-abused and overworked Hayabusa throws off her rider in a glorious highside in her last great act of defiance: “I’m a wrist-guided rocket sled, you silly girl, not some canyon carving crotch rocket!” (She said that in Japanese with transliterated sub-titles…) The  mad love affair came to an end as the Miss and the Busa part ways in an ambulance and on a tow truck, respectively. While The Fat Lady’s fate lies in the hands of the claims adjuster, The Girl is reduced to caging it to work sporting a massive headache, a broken pinky, several bruises, a mangled rib and an insulted ego. Will The Fat come back? Will she fly again? Will they kiss and make up? Or will the Hayabusa’s heart live out its life in a Smart car beating the shit out of unsuspecting Ferraris in the quarter mile, while MissBusa skips the year of mourning, which is just and proper, straddles a BMW S1000RR, changes her identity and is never heard from or seen again, until mysterious tweets appear in the public time line prefaced by @MissBusaKilleRR.

Update: Miss Busa will always be Miss Busa. That is which gave me life as a motorcyclist. The ‘Busa is and always will be my first true love. She taught me well. However, I have to admit that she is not the bike for me at this point in my riding life. Hence, the defection to the BMW camp. The ‘Pirate Bike’ has what Miss Busa craves (the pull and speed of a Hayabusa) and what Miss Busa needs: Cornering agility and clearance. Oh, and there’s plenty of tech to satisfy the geek and the nerd. I feel like I have gotten away with murder…

WERA #113Updated Update: As Miss Busa and the Pirate near their first year anniversary it would be safe to assume that they are now BFFs until MTTW (mean-time-to-wad). To continue the tradition of doing things a little different, the Miss is now intent on breaking land speed records on a superbike, much to the chagrin of Mr. Slow, who insists that the Hayabusa was the bike for that sort of thing, but instead it was wrangled through the twisties in an effort to finally get that knee down. To show the husband that his wife has not completely gone off the deep end, she decided to forgo the common track day and jump straight into amateur road racing.

God help us all.

8 Comments on “Call Me What You Will”

  1. Scott Gerhart says:

    Nice ride girl! I bought a leftover Blue/Gold 2008 busa and traded in my 2002 gray/silver. I’m impressed with some of your mods! You should look into carpenter racing if you’re interested in more power…my buddy had them do a new motor on his busa and he was making 240-250 something at the wheel…all motor and purred like a kitten…very streetable too!

    BTW…you should get single side exhaust now! I bought the Yoshimura Tri-opal single-side exhaust and i’m loving it.

    • MissBusa says:

      The Yoshi still is on my short list for exhaust options, however, I’m not entirely sure what I’m gonna end up with. At the moment I’m drooling over a Brock’s Alien Head full system… but those buggers are loud as hell, and I do have to commute on that thing, and ticking off the neighbors or the commuting crowd around 6ish in the AM is probably not a good idea. Brock’s also makes an insert to quiet the thing down, however, it’s not enough. I’m still shopping and keeping my options open… but if the only performance coming from it is simply by weight reduction, I don’t want it. If I shell out that kinda cash there better be something more than 30 lbs gained from it. LOL

      I will definitely look into Carpenter Racing. I do want to get the thing over 200 eventually, then maybe a turbo for more adrenaline-inducing fun. 😉 However, I think this’ll have to wait until I have it paid off, and got myself a second bike to get around on (yeah, TM, it’s coming =D). As of now, the ‘Busa is my only mode of transportation.

  2. Vaiski says:

    Heips… I’m very sorry about that crash and clad to see that You are OK.. and Your butt too 🙂 except that finger.. 😦 Bike was stylish and tuned by good taste..

    One request, please, whatever bike You have in future, keep these pages alive… I like Your hmmm… colourfull way to write… hah hah..
    and I’m sure You will buy a new Busa some day…

    I bought K8 begining of year and I will ride it to home tomorrow… hope that wheather is good enough and temperature at least plus degrees 🙂

    Hope You all the best

    BR Vaiski

    Please don’t stop

  3. MissBusa says:

    Thank you, Vaiski, for your kind words. Of course, I won’t stop. This is what I do. I ride. I write. I ride some more… I am keeping my fingers crossed that my baby isn’t totaled. I want her back! I put a lot of work and money into The Fat Lady and I would hate if I had to start over (with a new ‘Busa or some other bike). I don’t even want to think about it until I have the insurance company’s decision. Right now, I just want them to tell me something, I can’t stand all this waiting around. 😦

  4. Sameer says:

    Hi there!
    Quite like your blog and the Harley-to-Hayabusa-to-BMW story is definitely interesting… 🙂

    I quite love fast bikes and have been writing about motorcycles for the last few years. Do you think you’d like to write about your experiences with the ‘Busa and the S1000RR for my site? Please do let me know. Thank you!

    Best wishes

  5. Looks like I’m caught up. Awesome journey so far, can’t wait to see how it continues to develop!

  6. john says:

    where did you go – disappeared off FaceBook ! what do i do now )-:

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